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Gambian school children in purple uniforms playing together, one child is smiling direct to camera

Mission Statement

To work with local communities to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children through education and welfare in the North Bank region of The Gambia

Three school children smiling to camera.

What We Do

We are a UK based Gambian Charity.

Through education and welfare projects in The Gambia, we tackle poverty for disadvantaged children.


The Gambia is one of the poorest nations in the world.  Whilst the South Bank has attractive tourist areas, the North Bank is desperately poor with most people living hand to mouth as subsistence farmers.


HELPING Charity recognise education as the route to breaking the cycle of poverty.  Our primary purpose is to: sponsor children, feed children and educate children.  Active for over 20 years, we have had some outstanding successes with ex-sponsor children working in trades, as teachers, as nurses, reporters, bankers and even one now, in the national government.  All of them supporting their families and giving something back to their country.

Our Newsletters

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