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Spring Newsletter 2024

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the Charity; it means so much to us and the people we help in The Gambia. Recently Ruth, our treasurer, visited The Gambia , along with sponsor, Wendy. While Ruth was able to strengthen communication between the UK Committee and our workforce in The Gambia, plus run a workshop for 28 of higher education sponsored students, Wendy's eyes were opened, as you can read in her report below :

Wendy's Visit To Helping Charity in The Gambia

Fass Library Under Construction

I finally got round to visiting The Gambia this year after sponsoring a student and a nursery teacher for many years. I was quite nervous about the visit as it’s years since I travelled independently. I was picked up from the airport and looked after by the team at the Helping Lodge. They couldn’t have been more helpful and they made arrangements for me to visit the nursery and my student’s home. My sponsored student was a typically shy, teenage boy with few words, but I was in no doubt what it must mean to the family to have the security of financial support.

Once you’re there, it’s really obvious that there’s a real need for the support sponsorship provides and soon my head was racing with ideas about how I could help if I returned. By the time I left Fass, I felt as if I was leaving good friends at the Lodge and already planning my next visit.

I’d always be happy to talk to anybody who’s thinking about visiting as it wasn’t exactly what I expected, but for me it was life affirming to be among people who, although they deserve more from life, are happy, friendly and extremely polite.

We are so happy Wendy and other sponsors are visiting their sponsored students.

You can contact Wendy by emailing

And here is an update on our current projects :

  • Contributing to building a new library at Fass School

  • Helping Jamagen School repair the step access to the boys’ toilets and are helping them improve their kitchen.

  • Maintaining the Land Rover which is an important vehicle for transporting women to The Clinic..

  • Maintaining our nurseries with repairs to Chamen nursery in particular.

  • Training our nursery teachers in using Jolly Phonics for teaching reading.

  • Updating our website thanks to the voluntary service of Web Designer Clare Leach and some committee members. we now have a beautiful updated website.

  • Sponsorship - Some children we sponsor have sadly lost their sponsors and so we are looking for more sponsors for deserving children. Without the school uniform and payment of school fees, many children are denied an education. With your help, we can give these children an education. Please see   for details of how to sponsor a child or help in other ways. Future Newsletters As many of our sponsors have changed email addresses, please look on the website blogs for current news and updates. at our website Once again, thank you so much for your sponsorship and support which makes so much difference to changing the lives of The Gambian people we help.


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