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Yellow building in the sunshine, with greenery in the foreground. HELPING Lodge in The Gambia. Photo by Michael Lyons.


Our Lodge, an oasis of calm and beauty in an arid area, situated on the main road to Senegal, was completed in 2015 and is the pivotal basis for our charity work. This facility serves as a conference centre, accommodation and restaurant for our charity workers, tourists, volunteers and Gambian nationals. It provides income for the Charity in The Gambia and was built to be self-sustaining.

An Oasis of Calm


A number of comfortable western standard en-suite rooms with 24-hour hot water and fans



Staff accommodation



Well-maintained gardens full of wildlife

Bantaba (outdoor eating and relaxing area)

How it Operates

Rooms are available for tourists and others

Our full-time chef and assistant provide meals to tourists and staff

The room are regularly cleaned to a very high standard

The conference room is used for training and conference and is available for hire and is regularly booked

The office manager completes the administration

The charity vehicle and ambulance is sited here and our driver is available to take sponsors to visit the families they sponsor and to take others (including charity staff) to visit other sites in which the charity works.

The driver also operates an emergency ambulance service

The building is well-maintained by our maintenance staff

Guides bring tourists groups for meals and/or to stay overnight

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