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Our Success Stories

Sponsorship of Children

Over the years, we have attracted sponsorship for education from nursery right through to tertiary and career education improving the life chances of over a thousand of some of the world's most disadvantaged children.

Your monthly sponsorship will support a child selected because of their desperate need. 

They will receive:

  • a 50kg bag of rice once a year for their family

  • school funds/fees where needed.

  • 2 sets of school uniform

  • shoes

  • school bag

  • all school needs.

  • payment to receive exam results. 

  • mosquito nets

  • medical payments if needed and 

  • friendly assistance at times of emergency.

Lives changed; dreams realised; families supported and a country further developed.

Here are just a few of our sponsored children and their outcomes

Baboucar is one of our outstanding students to benefit, having recently graduated from The University of The Gambia.  He is now a qualified accountant. Sponsored by the Charity over the last 19 years, Baboucar is now using his education to make a difference to his country.  He also uses his professional skills to help the Charity with our accounts.  

He writes:

‘Thank you so much for funding my entire education. Today I am proudly graduating from university as the first member of our family to ever graduate.'

Baboucar - Gambian student wearing his graduation cap and gown, smiling to camera.
Adama a Gambian woman smiles to camera, she is wearing a pink hijab, holding a mobile phone and has a microphone in front of her on a desk. In the background there are the words TV, Journalism and Communication.

Adama is at college, training to become a journalist.                    

She writes:

‘I want to convey my honest and genuine gratitude for supporting my academic career. I started with little hopes of going far but today I am nearly reaching my dream destination and thanks to you. Today, I dedicate this excellent result to HELPING for elevating a poor girl from nothing to a diploma holder in journalism. From Nursery to date, I've always been supported throughout. I've been remarked as one of the best students in my Academy and HELPING CHARITY motivated that commitment. Today I want to say thank you for helping me realise my dreams.’ 


Thanks to the support of his HELPING sponsors Ali has really flourished.  Now a qualified banker, he is always willing to help The Charity in whatever way he can.

Ali - a Gambian man with a beard, wearing a striped shirt and red tie with an office behind him.
Imman is a Gambian man, wearing Chef's whites and he is standing in a circular dining area.

Iman is an excellent chef.  He is doing very well in his college course, and when not training at college, works in the kitchen at The Lodge as an assistant cook, serving delicious meals to our volunteers and guests.   Visitors and staff alike praise his work and enjoy his food!  On qualifying, he intends  if possible - to work full time for The Lodge.  It is so rewarding for us to be able to offer employment to such a talented and enthusiastic young man and to enable him to fulfil his career dreams. 

Jainaba Danso

"We went to the clinic and maternity unit that we built, and I was very surprised to find that the nurse there was one of our sponsor students from a few years ago. The government had sent her to work there. I must say it made my day to see that the little girl we started sponsoring many years ago was now helping the mothers have safe births." - Margaret

success story (4) ex-sponsor, now nurse.jpg
Muhammed Gaye

Muhammed was one of our very first sponsor children.  He is now a highly valued teacher.

Career Training & Skills Apprenticeships

Many other children have benefitted from sponsorship by HELPING to undertake career training and skills apprenticeships.  

The following are a few examples:

A Gambian man in a white football shirt is using a sewing machine and smiling.


A man in an orange football shirt is working on a metal door.

Metal Worker

A young man in a blue t-shirt is using a carpentry machine.


A Gambian nurse is seated, wearing a blue top and blue head scarf. She is holding a young child on her lap.


Lives changed; dreams realised; families supported; and a country further developed.


Please be a part of making that difference.

Education from Nursery to Career
  • We sponsor children through secondary and tertiary education and onwards into rewarding careers.

  • Our nurseries cater for local children including sponsor children.  They foster all aspects of healthy child development.  Teaching in English, the official language of the Gambia, our nurseries give our children a good start on their educational journey.

  • We offer a Youth Camp for our sponsor children.

  • We employ trained Gambian teachers and teaching assistants. 

  • We offer skilled volunteer teachers to model good practice 

  • We offer training for teachers in safeguarding from Gambian experts.

Maternity Clinic

Built by HELPING, the clinic serves:

  • 17 villages totalling a population of around 42,000 people

  • women who can give birth in a safe and hygienic place.

  • waiting patients with shelter from the relentless blazing sun and 

  • houses local nurses. 

Women's Health

The Charity has provided: 

  • Training by Gambian health professionals for local nurses and health workers. 

  • Instruction for teenage girls on reproductive health

  • Education equipping small groups of teenage girls to make eco-friendly, reusable personal sanitary products to enable them to attend school during menstruation.

  • Clothing for babies and young children.

IMG-20200305-WA0000 (2).jpg
Women's Skill Centre

Built by HELPING provides: 

  •  A place for empowering women 

  • An opportunity for women to create their own small businesses

  •  A space for women to practise their skills e.g. including soap and clothing production

  •  A social space for women to support each other in a remote village 


We provide:

  • Smokeless kitchens in our nurseries, preventing early deaths from smoke inhalation and staffed by local women. 

  • Clean, safe, shady eating areas for nursery children to enjoy a nutritious midday meal in comfort.

  • A solid base of sponsors who provide vital sacks of rice to feed the family and the whole compound. 

fass water.JPG

We provide and maintain: 

Essential bore holes, wells and stand-pipes to providing accessible clean, safe drinking water for whole communities.

Our Lodge

Our Lodge provides:  

  • An on-the-ground hub from which to run the Charity  

  • A modern oasis of calm for tourists and volunteers 

  • A centre of employment for Gambian nationals.  

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles offer:  

  •  A speedy ambulance ride to the nearest hospital – better than a two hour ride on a donkey cart  

  • Transport for staff and volunteers to visit sponsor children and monitor projects

  • An economic means of obtaining and distributing essential supplies by tuktuk

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